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Rehearse with Morgenstern 1994

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Live on Concert

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Music side

Welcome on my Music side

On this side i would like to offer with pleasure some songs from former time of my musical work, to the test hearing. By click on the song titles following now, they are able to listen in a small choice of rock songs in the mp3 format. The songs number 9 and 10 correspond as a cover - song to not the commercial interests, but they are valid as a tribute before their creators, unfortunately too early died John Lennon for Working Class Hero. And Bob Dylan for all Along the Watchtower. Here, therefore, both songs are also to be heard in full length or to load down.

  • Living Fantasy

  • I Don`t Believe

  • Theme By An Imaginary Nightmare

  • So Bad

  • Chains Will Be Rustin`

  • Fame

  • The End

  • Shadowman

  • Working Class Hero - John Lennon Cover

  • All Along The Watchtower - Bob Dylan Cover

  • Source references of the Songs:*
    The titles 1, 2, 3 and 4 come from in December, 1998 in own recording studio taken up from the album Master Disaster of Perfect Disaster. The titles 5 and 6 were played in summer of the year 1986 by Soundplain in the live procedure. The title 7 was played in autumn, 2001 as a tape project live. The title 8 was arranged in the year 1994 in the course of the Morgenstern recycling project and recorded. The titles 9 and 10 come too from in December, 1998 in own recording studio taken up from the album Master Disaster of Perfect Disaster. Nevertheless, these both songs are covered, Working Class Hero was written by John Lennon and all Along the Watchtower was written by Bob Dylan. Both songs were new arranged merely by Perfect Disaster and were played in.

    I hope this one or other song your attention it has excited, or also in future see you once again on my side. Should they have the wish to acquire the complete album for sale, they contact me please by e-mail. The dispatch occurs cash on delivery.

    * Of this opportunity, I would like to thank the following friends and co musicians: Uwe, Claus, Wolle and Max of Perfect Disaster (thanx for a perfect job). There would be Hans, Robert, Sasha and Holger of Soundplain (without you only existent the texts of Chains... and Fame). Lars and Kevin (for bass and guitar on The End). Hans and Don Ron (for you working and doing on Shadow man).